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Mr. Sam was born Sam Fallie in Memphis, TN. Mr. Sam’s family moved to LA while he was a small child, but relocated back to Memphis when he was 10. While living in LA, “Mr. Sam” discovered a love for music. From this discovery “Mr. Sam” joined his High School Choir and there he gained notoriety for his talent. After completing High School “Mr. Sam” formed several groups (Mellow Mystics, Naked Truth Band and

Perfectionist) but all were short lived. Even though the groups were short lived something good did come out for “Mr. Sam” while performing with the group “Perfectionist”. The Legendary Great Late Allen Jones, Producer and Manager for the infamous “Bar-Kays” asked Mr. Sam to come aboard as a Staff Writer and he has been on his way ever since. Mr. Sam’s writing abilities have been compared to such greats as “Homer Banks” and “Lionel Richie” and you will soon learn why. “Mr. Sam” has written several hits for the “Bar-Kays” such as: “What Goes In Da Club Stays In Da Club” featuring “George Clinton”, “Holla If You Like That”, “My Everythang” and “Lets Git Bizzy”, “J.

Blackfoot”: “It Ain’t Over”, “I’m Just A Fool” featuring “Lenny Williams” and the remake with “Sir Charles Jones”, “Archie Love”: “Should Have Been There For You” and “Same Woman” featuring “J. Blackfoot”, “Theodis Ealey”: “Move With The Motion”, “Jerry L”.: “Girls In The Hood” and “Daily Love”, “Mr. Sam” also wrote “You Gon Make Me” and “Heartache” which won Southern Soul Artist “Lacee” (Best Female Artist of the Year 2006). Since then Mr. Sam has joined up with a group with his childhood friends Tony Gentry, Neal Jones and Mr. Sam. The group was stardom for big things as they came out with a smoking CD entitled Roll It Roll It by Gentry Jones featuring Mr. Sam. The CD was outstanding and would have went platinum if the group could have stayed together long enjoy but when Roll It Roll It came out the gate as one of the hottest line dances to hit the team couldn’t hold it together. With all good things when they break a part people move along and Mr. Sam had already started working on his own single project which has now been released entitled “Make Time for Her” on Ecko Records with the first two duo single release “Make Time” a ballet and “Go to Work” a new line dance song with a funky line dance beat. Sam gave it to the line dance community and they took off with it. First one version of the steps were created by Ms. Patricia Lowe then performed by the Chocolate


Platinum dancers and the line dance community showed a lot supported over social network. But for Mr. Sam there was still something missing which was it wasn’t hitting the Southern Soul charts until he went back to his CD and found his hidden gem entitled “Broke as Hell” and it was so catchy that video followed and hence the song and video is on fire and just now making people realize that Mr. Sam and his band is

stronger than ever and ready to take it to the next level in 2017/18. Booking Mr. Sam gives you one outstanding show!


Direct Booking info: Prime Time Promotions LLC & Management, 11407 Misty Isle Lane, Riverview FL. 33579 ICO Gene Munns 757.478.9634 , genemunns@yahoo.com


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