Karen Wolfe Soul and Blues Cruise


SAT NOV 24  - DEC 1, 2018


Cruise promotional video located: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jBZCVCjURo


Newsletter 1


The Karen Wolfe Soul and Blues Cruise Ship are doors open and we are going on our second month of booking so if you have not called our travel agent and booked your cabin then don’t wait until the rates go up..   www.KarenWolfeSoulandBluesCruise.com Link to this page

Here we go!


Welcome to the first Karen Wolfe Soul and Blues Cruise Newsletter. I would Like to start by thanking everyone who has already signed up and liked our Facebook page and showed interest in cruise with the group. We must start by informing this isn’t one of those highly expensive and published cruises. In fact this theme cruise is going to be almost half what other might cost you for what you are going to get after we are finished at the end. We do it by providing quality next generation headliner and artist from around the country along with exotic ports without the major overhead. Karen Wolfe Soul and Blues Cruise offers a vacation cruise with exotic ports of call, private entertainment, Beach activities, games, line dance workshops and much more. All designed to build lasting friendships and life time memories.

In addition, all the regular cruise activities are open to all travelers, our events are private and only open to cruiser who booked through the Karen Wolfe Soul and Blues Cruise Travel Agency (3 Equal 1 Travel agency). Best of both worlds. Our group is fun filled and entertainment by focusing on the Island wonders (see cruise schedule below), Comedy Show and other Special Events only open this Group. Some of the events to mention are the Captains Dinner followed by a private themed party only open to the group. A Clean Hilarious Comedy Show with comedian Jammin Jay Lamont and Friends. An Evening with Karen Wolfe with her band to include a special guest performance by recording artist Terry Wright. Hit the brakes because this year on the Karen Wolfe Soul and Blues Cruise we have added something new for line dancers out there. That’s all the way from Oakland California Ms. Patricia Lowe owner of Chocolate Platinum Soul Line Dancers will be providing line dance classes and party while we are at sea. That’s right, Soul & Blues Concert, Line Dance Classes and Party and one private comedy show all for the cruisers who purchase their packages through 3 Equal 1 Travel agency  at (901) 484-4361  ONLY.





Cruise Schedule (times and dates are subject to change)


Day 1: Port Canaveral (Orlando FL) 4am

Day 2: Fun Day at Sea

Day 3: Amber Cove Puerto Plata Dominican Republic 9am – 4pm

Day 4: St. Thomas Virgin Island 11am – 7pm

Day 5: San Juan Puerto Rico 8am – 4pm

Day 6: Grand Turk 12 noon – 6pm

Day 7: Fun Day at Sea

Day 8: Return Port Canaveral (Orlando FL) 8am


Phase One: Is to start the booking process while the cabin rates are still very affordable. Yes we are currently in phase one and the rates are still affordable right now but not sure for how long because we are not the only one purchasing cabins for this beautiful ship. Once they get to certain capacity the rates will go up and there is nothing we can do but pay the difference.so get your deposit early as possible. It is important to understand that this cruise is one of the most popular cruise available during one of the most popular times of the years and the cabins will sell out before the middle of next year so the only way to guarantee your cabin is by booking your deposit and locking in your rate as the ship rates are generated by supply and demand which means as cabins become less in number the higher the cost of remaining cabins for everyone who has not already placed a deposit or booked their cabin.


Rates Begin and subject to change daily until deposits has been made. REMEMBER THE LONGER YOU WAIT THE HIGHER RATE!!!!

Rate are subject to change:


INTERIOR CABINS start at: $837.70   -  BALCONY CABINS start at: $1137.70


* call Dwayne Morgan at (901) 484-4361 for more info

*Cabins are based on double occupancy

*Deposit rates subject to change

*Gratuities are not included in cabin fare


These are amazing rates for a seven nights cruise will take you to four (4) exotic islands that you would normally pay twice and sometime three times as much on other theme cruises that won’t last long. Please keep checking back on Facebook as soon as I have the Group Booking Code next week I will place it on the Facebook Karen Wolfe Soul and Blues cruise web page  https://www.facebook.com/karenwolfesoulandbluescruise/



What everyone should know:


If you are going be local coming in from Florida, Georgia or even Alabama then ensure you are here and on-board no later than 1pm because the ship sails between 3 and 4pm and doesn't wait for no one.

If you are catching a flight you might want to come in a day before and get a hotel room close to the port and call the travel agent as he will be setting up some rooms for out of state cruises to have rooms to rest and relax and even enjoy some of Florida a day before the ship departs.


What is not included:


Some Specialty Restaurants Bar Drinks including Fruit Drinks, Alcohol, Sodas, and Bottled Water Check the Carnival Web Site for other specialty items not included with cruise package


What is included:


Buffet Food Line Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and then some: Lemonade, Tea, Fountain Water and Coffee About anywhere you can think on the cruise ship visit (within reason) Four exotic islands Captain Dinner Pools/Gyms Broadway Show Grown Folk Private Theme Party Island Beach/Pool Party Business Workshop Karaoke Rising Star fun Private Soul & Blues Concert, Line Dance Classes and Party, Hilarious Clean Comedy Show.

Book your cabin(s) now with

3 Equal 1 Travel agency at (901) 484-4361 .

ask for Dwayne Morgan